What’s the Cost to Refurbish Sash Windows?

Wooden sash windows can develop problems with water ingress, leading to rot and decay over time. They can also be damaged in the long run by ongoing wear and tear. The good news? You don’t have replace them.

Because they’re made from strong, natural wood, sash windows can be repaired and refurbished to keep them at their best. The question is – how much is going to set you back? In truth, there are a few factors to consider.

Read on as we look at what will affect your sash window refurbishment cost.

Get the ball rolling

A professional inspection is the best starting point for any sash window repairs. An expert will be able to look at what work you need to get your sash windows back in tip-top condition. That includes the type of repairs you need and how much work needs to be done based on the condition, age and style of your windows.

Based on all of that, they’ll explain what needs to be done to put things right with the estimated costs.

Should you replace?

Over time, sash windows can develop some pretty hefty issues. Or at least it seems that way. Whether it’s wear and tear, harsh weather or a bad job last time around, they can look and feel like a lost cause. A lot of the time, that’s not the case.

The problem is that most people simply can’t put their finger on what’s causing the problem. If salespeople take advantage of that, they easily persuade you to replace your windows altogether. It costs a bomb. It could damage your property’s appearance and value. And it’s probably not necessary.

In most cases, reputable sash window companies will recommend repairs and refurbishment rather than replacement. By finding out what’s causing the problem, they can get your sash windows back up and running. With the right work, all sash windows can look great and perform well, without the need for replacement.

How are sash windows refurbished?

Next question. What do professionals do to refurbish a sash window? The answer – no two projects are the same. A single sash window on house will differ quite a bit from a massive listed building. This will obviously affect the cost of your sash window refurbishment.

So too will the kind of repairs you need. Wood repairs, glass treatment, draught-sealing and paintwork are all common repairs for sash windows, which could impact the final price…


Unlike some household issues, sash windows shouldn’t be tackled as a DIY job. They need the best expertise to properly fix them and cut out the problems they’re facing, whether that’s condensation build-up or water ingress leading to decay.

Small repairs can be made to the window frame, the joints or the bottom and top rails. If damage has become irreparable, it can even be isolated and replaced. Rather than replacing the window, that means replacing a part of the frame with new, matching timber.

Whatever repairs you need, it’s best to look for a company that uses the best materials with proper carpentry knowledge. Without that, you could see your windows becoming damaged again and again, costing you quite a bit.


Sometimes, your sash windows don’t really need repairs as such. Instead, they need a bit of touching up when it comes to their function. Specifically, when they’re letting too much air in. This might not be problem from breaks, cracks or ingress. Instead, they’ve just never been properly sealed.

By draught-proofing your sash windows, you can give their thermal efficiency a massive boost. They’ll keep more heat in through the winter, and cool air inside in summer. In short, you can keep your home at the right temperature and save money on energy bills.


Next on the list is paint. A lot of sash windows simply need a fresh lick of paint. Again, that’s not something you can do yourself. Old paint that’s been applied badly can cause windows to stick when opening and closing. It can also allow moisture into the wood itself.

That old paint will need to be fully stripped from the sash window, before a new layer is applied precisely. If this is all your sash windows need, the refurbishment costs could be lower than you thought.

The benefits of refurbishment

Whatever the cost of your sash window refurbishment, it has a range of plus points. Firstly, your sash windows will look their best and work like new. On top of that, they could improve your quality of life and even save (or make) you money in the long run:

Keeping things out

Refurbished sash windows won’t let anything into your home. Wave goodbye to draughts drifting into your home and making you cold and uncomfortable. You’ll also benefit from a more peaceful home. By sealing sash windows, you can cut out all that external noise from neighbours and traffic.

Keeping heat in

When sash windows work well, they can keep a lot more heat in your home through the winter. In short, that means you’ll use less energy trying to get your home warm enough – and keep it that way. With refurbished sash windows, you could be in for big savings on your energy bills. Over time, the repairs could even pay for themselves.

Added value

By restoring your home’s original features, you’ll make sure its character and class is preserved. You’ll also improve the windows’ function and your home’s energy efficiency overall. That could add to your asking price or make your property easier to sell if you want to up sticks.

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