One of the best ways to save money on sash windows is to repair rather than replace them. A sash window is a type of window that features a fixed top section and a movable lower section. You can move the bottom of the window up and down. This will allow you to adjust how much air comes into the property. This design is very popular for its elegant simplicity. Thus, sash windows can be found in a range of building types, from office complexes to family homes. Let’s look at some simple repairs you can do to keep your sash windows looking their best.

Dents or cracks

One of the simplest and most important repairs to sash windows is fixing dents or cracks present in the window frame. These often occur naturally, as a result of the ageing process. However, if left untreated, these may turn into a bigger problem. Moisture can get into the wooden foundation. This can cause moss to grow inside the window frame which may result in rotting. If this happens, you may need to replace the entire window frame, which can be a very expensive process. Thankfully, it’s easy to fix these wooden cracks before they become anything severe. To do this, place some wood filler into the hole. Then, use some paper to wipe away the excess. You should wait for the filler to dry before you put it back into the wall. This will effectively seal the holes. If dents and cracks are a common problem, consider adding another coat of varnish to help protect your windows from future damage.

Faded or chipped paintwork

Another common issue is the fading or chipping paintwork. This is a bigger issue for windows that are constantly exposed to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight. As the window warms up during the day, the paint gets hotter, causing it to expand. Once it cools down again, it contracts. Over time, this can cause the paintwork to chip. The UV rays may also cause the paint to fade. Thankfully, this is an easy repair for sash windows. Initially, remove the sash windows from their frames. Then, sand away any old paint. Afterwards, you can repaint it. Cover the edges of the glass with tape before painting, so you do not accidentally get paint on the pane. Wait for the paint to dry. You may also want to consider adding some clear varnish after drying. This will help protect the frame from exposure to the elements. Clear varnish will help make your sash windows last longer.

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Sash windows can be a beautiful addition to your home or office. There are a few simple things to help repair and maintain your windows more effectively. We discussed two of these simple repairs to sash windows. You can also easily do on your saving you a lot of time rather than contacting a professional. Repair your sash windows to keep them looking great and ensure that they will last for a long time.

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